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Rossiter Masters™ not just a name it’s descriptive. The following pain killers are THE best of THE BEST when it comes to stress/pain reduction/mobility.

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Everyone listed below has either reached the pinnacle of the Rossiter System and is a PainSlayer® (Master Practitioner) or is on track to become one.

Richard Rossiter


Master PainSlayer®

Richard has taught his work throughout the US, Canada, and Europe since 1990. He has trained factory workers, bodywork, medical, and wellness professionals of many types, as well as the general public. It is incredible to learn from his genius. He meets you where you are, and pulls everyone up together. He is known for his light hearted approach.

Ruth Nottage


Master Instructor

Ruth knew from the very first Rossiter class she took in 2009, that she wanted to become a teacher, and to learn as much about Rossiter as possible. She is the most experienced teacher of all levels the work, and her mad skills and eye for detail are without peer. Her passion to teach others is palpable. Ruth has collaborated with Richard for 10 years to continue to develop the work, making the “good even better.”