About Rossiter Masters™

Rossiter Masters™ is comprised of Rossiter System Founder author of 3 books on pain, Richard Rossiter. Together with his brightest and most experienced students, he continues to innovate and advance the frontier of pain relief. We mentor and train Rossiter System students-both in person, and remotely.

Our company wellness program is available globally, and slashes medical expenses a whopping 60%.
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Company Wellness

Interested in a whopping 60% reduction of medical expenses ? We DELIVER-and have for 30 years in companies such as Nissan, Carhartt, GE, Tyson, LaChoy, GM, Campbell’s Soup. YOUR company can be our next great success story!

Do you want to see your workforce functional, with an improved quality of life and high morale? Give Rossiter Masters a try, Everyone wins!

Self insured? Bleeding healthcare costs? High incidents of pain or restricted movement plaguing your workforce? No matter where you are, we deliver a customized program to you, with nearly immediate, positive results, rapid ROI!

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Trainings & Mentorship Program

Looking for information to improve the quality of life of others/yourself? Is enhancing an existing practice in wellness or fitness your goal?
We will guide you.

Masters Mentorship and Program

Trained in Rossiter years ago? You’re not using the work, or you’d like to be a better Coach? Step back into helping others. Get more consistent, game changing results for your clients. NOW

Hungry to learn as much as possible-even becoming a Rossiter Master yourself? We meet you where you are. Learn as little or as much as you need. Train with and receive support from only the best.

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We Help to Improve

  • Low Back/Sciatica
  • Shoulders
  • Knee
  • Migraines/Headaches
  • Neck
  • Whiplash
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arm/Elbow
  • Hip
  • Wrist/Hand/Finger
  • Leg
  • Foot/Ankle/Toe

Anywhere on You:
Old & New Injuries, Arthritis, Sprains, Strains, Stress, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Frozen Joints, Tears.


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The Original PainSlayer

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